About Us

At Total Body Physical Therapy, our approach is just that; the Total Body. We are trained specialists, with a combined experience of over 40 years, who have learned that the key to successful rehabilitation is identifying how all the parts of the body relate and influence each other. When there is a break down in one area, it can often affect other areas of the body and create further breakdown. This strong influence from one area on another can lead to overall dysfunction, chronic injuries and re-injuries. This dysfunction can happen in infancy, during pregnancy, following surgery or an accumulation over time. Whatever the cause, we can help to stop this cycle and begin restoring the working function of the Total Body.

Typical Business Hours are from Monday-Thursday 7am-7pm, Fridays 7am to 5pm. We try our best to accommodate your schedule.

Contact us at 203-957-8162 or email us at info@totalbodyphysicaltherapy.com to determine how we can best help you restore your Total Body.