What to Expect

Your care will begin with an hour-long, in-depth health, lifestyle and physical analysis by one of our uniquely qualified, licensed physical therapists. Functional tests, movement patterns, ranges of motion, pain and strength levels will be assessed during the initial visit. From there, a detailed plan using the latest techniques, research and expertise will be specifically designed just for you. You, the patient, are instrumental in helping to define achievable goals. Individualized treatment programs are created from the initial analysis aimed at helping meet your specific needs. The treatment program designed for you may include: joint/soft tissue mobilization, Myofascial Release, Active release, stretching, ROM, strengthening, functional movement patterns, neuromuscular education, assistive device training, postural awareness, body mechanics and physical modalities. All patients will be given a detailed home exercise program which will be routinely adjusted as you make progress.

The key to implementing successful programs is through collaborative efforts with your physical therapist and you. With your attendance and participation, the goals set forth during the initial analysis will be more easily attainable. The performance of home exercises is key in aiding recovery times and achieving goals.Following your first initial appointment with us, we will schedule 30-minute follow-up appointments with you. These one-on-one follow-up appointments will continue to allow us to adapt your program as your total body heals and evolves. We will see you through every step of the way as we achieve your goals together!

To schedule an appointment with us, please contact us 203-957-8162.