Total Body Physical Therapy Celebrates Two Years in Business

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This week marks a special time and an opportunity for Total Body Physical Therapy in Norwalk, CT to thank the greater Norwalk and Fairfield County community.  With a lifetime of medical experience and business acumen Hope Bove, MBA, DPT, Brian Elmo, MPT, ATC, CSCS and Alison Farrell, MS, ATC, LAT celebrate two years with their new venture in Total Body Physical Therapy.

With over 40 years in the Physical Therapy space and a solid base of referral sources, the vision of running a practice with dedicated partners and a supportive community is beginning to form nicely.  “Our goals from the start was to create an environment where the patient feels that our service is a one-to-one patient to practitioner ratio.  I think we have succeeded”, says Dr. Bove.

With a location in the heart of the medical community in East Norwalk, the business has already made great strides with medical professionals and patients.  According to Brian Elmo, one of the partners and therapists, “The support and referral sources we have built for the last 10 years have given us the sustainability and opportunity for growth in the coming years.  This has been a great venture and fantastic study in our own thesis and application of our talents”.

The acumen of the three partners is testament to their craft and respect in the medical community.  With a combined 40 years in the physical therapy field,  a slew of professional certifications, one Doctor of Physical Therapy degree , 3 Masters Degrees (MBA, Physical Therapy, and Sports Therapy), and three Bachelor’s Degrees (B.S., Sports Medicine, Exercise Science and Athletic Training) , the feedback to the functionality and fruitfulness of the physical therapy practice speaks volumes.  “The most valuable aspect of our business is the relationship we have built with our patients and our referring physicians.  The feedback we consistently receive is absolutely crucial to how our practice is run.  We are so proud to be able to deliver on our promise to this community”, said Alison Farrell.

All of the partners are proud to call Connecticut home for their practice and bring with them an awesome array of higher education.  Fairfield University, Sacred Heat University, University of Connecticut, and Southern Connecticut State University, Old Dominion University, Ohio University and Bryant College are among the alma maters for the three partners.  “ Not only are we graduates of these fine universities, we support the local colleges by offering internship opportunities to students in the area.  We are committed to giving back to the community both in the services we provide and giving opportunities to the next generation of students in this fast evolving science”, said Dr. Bove.

The field of service and expertise for the practice includes all aspects of sports injuries, pre and post operative procedure recoveries, pre-natal and post-partum care, post radiation, radical mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries, CRPS,  TMJ dysfunction, scoliosis, total joint replacements, balance problems, movement pattern syndromes, and Infants and children with muscular torticollis and plagiocephaly.   Patients that visit the practice range in age from infants to the elderly with varying sports including rowing, swimming, baseball, tennis, skiing running, yoga, and football.

When asked on how the next two years will be for the fast growing group, all responded with an assertive get-go attitude.  “With a sound foundation and solid expertise, we are committed to our community and providing outstanding service for our patients.  We have always believed that our ability to be successful and grow the business in this community has to begin and continue with great relationships with our patients and surrounding physicians and our steadfast commitment to delivering our one-on-one method,” said Alison Farrell.

The group may be reached in Norwalk at 166 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851.  Appointments are required.  Contact Total Body Physical Therapy at 203.957.8162 or  You may visit the website at .

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