Total Body Physical Therapy Provides Guidance for College Bound Residents of Fairfield County

As back-to-school season is upon us, once again, the owners and practitioners at Total Body Physical Therapy are often asked what should college bound students look for in school based physical therapy programs.

Here is some no nonsense guidance for students:

When speaking with a physical therapy clinic, whether on campus or independent, be sure to understand the size of the therapy clinic.  Inquire as to how many therapists are on staff and the hours of operation.

Be sure to find the right therapist who will provide one-on-one services that are necessary for successful outcomes.  Do not settle for centers that function like factories.  This may lead to poor results.

Patient load is absolutely crucial.  A physical therapy center that is overloaded cannot maintain the quality of service.

Proximity and location of the therapist should be convenient.  Is the center on school grounds or would the patient need to drive to the location?

Students need to ask what medical staff is already employed by the school and what their expertise is.  If any of the staff are physical therapists, ask about the services available and the opportunity to speak with a therapist.

If you are currently attending physical therapy, before leaving for school, be sure to speak with your existing physical therapist about coordinating the referral to a new clinic.  In most cases, a good physical therapy team will be able to communicate your needs to the other therapist.

Be sure to understand what the typical response time is for the new therapist.  Will the therapist respond to call or emails within 24 hours?  What is the availability of appointments?

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